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Pás HeliTec 520MM Para Classe 550
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Pás HeliTec 520MM Para Classe 550


Shape: Symmetrical Wing

Length: 520mm

Width: 48mm

Root: 12mm

Bolt Hole: 4mm

Material: Carbon Fiber

Color: White & Black


1. These 520mm carbon fiber main blades are designed specifically for extreme 3D flying, featuring both high agility and excellent stability characteristics.

2. The strongest and lightest of all blades.

3. The airfoil design effectively minimizes turbulence at the blade tips, reducing blade noise and power loss.

4. The blades’ rigidity have been increased for better anti-torsion characteristics during flight.

5. The blades feature an redesigned airfoil design, coupled with updated painted graphics.

Package Include:

1 Pair x Energy 520mm Premium CF Blades-FBL Version

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